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FC Tulsa Mayfest x AAPI Month Scarf

FC Tulsa Mayfest x AAPI Month Scarf

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Introducing the FC Tulsa Mayfest x AAPI Heritage Month Scarf!

Designed by Tulsa artist Đan Lynh Phạm, this scarf has roots in Vietnamese culture, East Tulsa, and proudly displays the FC Tulsa badge. For Tulsa, For All.

From Đan Lynh Phạm:
"Vietnamese culture reveres dragons, which embody strength, wisdom, and fortune. My designs for the poster and jersey draw inspiration from cultural motifs such as the lucky knot, coins, and the double happiness symbol, which represent prosperity, resilience, and a bright future. These symbols aim to empower the players and infuse them with a sense of good fortune."


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